Monday, September 30, 2013

Skyline collection so far

Just a preview of my current Skyline collection. I've to say, they're slowly building up the way I want it to. I mean, I already acquired the Boulevard Hakosuka, which is one of top must-have's in  my Skyline collection. Plus, the ZAMAC R34 which looks absolutely kick ass! My next target is the "Flying Customs" Skyline Kenmeri. It's boxy design and vintage color really renders it a must have for Skyline collectors such as myself.


 Hakosuka & Kenmeri, the favorites :)

 Ferrari collection so far. (More uncarded ones but not displayed here)
 Lamborghini collection (Excluding uncarded)

The law. $uper Charger. Loving the red rims.

These little fellas race while I'm asleep. On my desktop apparently.

Stay tuned!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Keep the hauls coming.

I have crazy luck at times. For instance, I bought this carded Lamborghini Aventador for only Rm10 last night in a gathering. Plus, I found the Aurora Charger $uper T-Hunt that I always wanted and only for Rm10 too. Plus, the GTi in black and red was always something in my wish list as well, and only scored it for only Rm5. Enjoy the pictures! More pictures of the Charger and GTi soon..

Don't you just love the red rims on the Charger? Absolutely crazy. As for the GTi, I really love the red interior combined with the grey exterior. Really cool. :) 

I don't know what Porsche model is this, but I bought it because I find it ridiculously pretty! Plus, I can now pair it up with my other older Porsche's such as the RWB (which I love so much)

 Rare gems.
 Just for fun :) Carded $uper and uncarded $uper 599XX
Stopping for a burger.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

3 Skyline's in a row!

Without realizing, I've bought 3 Skyline's of different models for the past week. First is the Boulevard Hakosuka which I adore so much! Secondly, this is it :


And what do you know? I managed to get this T-Hunt Skyline which I've always wanted since a long time ago! I never imagined I'd be able to get it. My favorite part about the purchase? It's below Rm50 for both of these. A total bargain, how can I resist? Plus, I have the blue Skyline R34 but not the silver one, so I'm glad i finally managed to get the silver one which I prefer more. Why? It's the actual Z-Tune color. 

A great haul once again. Till then, stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hakosuka, in it's most beautiful form.

Finally, the Boulevard series Skyline which I've always wanted is now finally part of my collection. It is just so beautiful. First of all, it is painted in such a low profile grey, and slapped on classic JDM rims (from what I observed, it is actually Watanabe wheels!). Plus, the black hood really topped it all off and the result is just amazing. Much better looking than the first one that's released in white with green tampos.

 Isn't that awesome looking? Might take awhile before I go and uncard it. Till then, epic shots of it will be posted.. :)

Finally, two of my most wanted die-cast out of the Boulevard series is finally a reality! I'm feeling thankful.. :)

These two monstrous Japanese track cars just makes me smile everytime. Although the Porsche is a german car, it is perfected by Nakai-san 
who is famous in Japan for his RWB creations, featuring extremely wide body kits and huge spoilers. 

Till then, stay tuned!