Monday, March 25, 2013

Customs. Awesome customs.

This is a continuation of the previous post where i showed my haul during the gathering in Citta mall in McDonalds. Great time, great people, and great cars. I had the privilege to meet with "danielh_meister", a god in customizing and modifying Hotwheels. Not to mention, improvise. Sat down with him and had chats about modifying these toys. Learn valuable things from him. Sometimes it's about the passion and not showing off. As he showed me most of his custom Hotwheels, i realized how much time he has spent on them. Please enjoy the photos of his awesome customs. Click to enlarge photos.

 If some of you couldn't identify some of the original cars that are customized, that's because he combined two or even THREE cars together to compile an awesome custom project! Till then, stay tuned.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A first for everyone

Welcome back folks. Today i had the pleasure to attend a weekly gathering hosted in Citta Mall. Members would gather at McDonalds at Citta Mall at approximately 10pm. Me and my buddy was already there during 9pm to grab food before the gathering starts. I had little expectations of the gathering in terms of what i could learn and possibly buy there. To my surprise, i actually had fun meeting different people. People that i know online and some completely unrecognized people. Sales, what can i say about the sales? It's just bonkers. When the dealers lay out the stocks, everyone just swarm into that spot like piranhas. Literally. I found a few good gem at a great price. Hauled : AE86, 64' Corvetter $uper, and a HW Garage 250 GTO in a fantastic color. I really could not hold back for rubber wheels and it was selling at a great price too; so i HAD to get em'. Pictures for now, to be continued.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beauty in it's rarest forms..

Toyota 2000 GT. Take a moment to enjoy this masterpiece of a car as well as admire it's accuracy to it's real life counterpart.

Out of the cave (card)

So yesterday, i was just looking around in Tesco with no expectation whatsoever to find at least a decent Hotwheels model. But to my disbelieve, right infront of me, a beautiful Batcar. A bat mobile. I've been dying to find this forever! Unfortunately, the lower left part of the card is a bit screwed. What i assume is the doings of water hence the veins and torn cardboard. Pity. So i do what i must, uncard it. Didn't feel that bad either. I mean, the card's useless to me if it's in such condition. Now, it's out of the bat cave :) More pictures for this beauty. Soon.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Evolution X.

The only Evo's that i uncarded. Green one with slight mods. For the JDM fans.