Sunday, December 15, 2013

Recap of hauls for past few months

The dreadful exams are finally over. So here I am again, bringing you updates!
Here are my hauls for the past months. :

 Zamac Aventador J

 My first Datsun 510 Bluebird Wagon


 My 2nd batch of Datsun Wagon and Hako'

 F&F R34, Supra, and Datsun 620

 HiWay Hauler, Ducati Diavel

 Stingray, Copo Camaro

 Challenger Drift Car, Mystery Machine, Mad Manga

 Carrera GT

 Zamac R34, Celica's

 Gorgeous T-Hunt Challenger Drift car

 AAR Cuda

 8Crate, M3

 Panamera, AE86, Alfa 8C

 El-Camino (Looking for $uper version, loose or carded)

Sweet Streets, Studebaker, EF Civic, AE86

 $uper Camaro (Nice super.)

Vanquish, Aventador (Mystery Pack), $uper Chevelle SS Wagon

And that's about it I guess. Anything left out, will update here!



 Flying Customs Kenmeri

 Datsun 620, Jetsons
 2000GT, Subaru, Mars Rover, Deloreon, Daytona, Meyers Manx

 Completed Archie Pop Culture series!

 Burago SLR McLaren (Pretty badass)

Stay Tuned..

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