Saturday, November 16, 2013

New haul update

Welcome back guys. Just a short update on my hauls! Acquired yesterday and today! Not bad.

 Brian O' Conner!
 The iconic Skyline GT-R from 2 Fast 2 Furious
 And of course, not forgetting the orange Supra from the first ever Fast and Furious series.
 The "6 second car"

 One of the best release this year in my opinion. So cute and simple! Quite sturdy as well.

 Mad Manga ! The "Falken" tampo really does it justice.

 What's the use of keeping it in their plastic cells? Uncard the beauty!
(My 2nd Datsun 620 anyway)

Absolutely crazy casting. Why? It's so mediocre, and that's what makes it special. Only JDM enthuasiast will
appreciate such stance :)
 I'm impressed by the printing on the embossed "Datsun" word.
 The happy family! Except for Mad Manga. So grumpy.
 The old schools.
 Rarely do I take such close up shots. Feast your eyes on the details.. The chrome bumper is awesome.

Let's end the post with awesome old school Datsun/Nissan.

Stay tuned!

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