Sunday, November 24, 2013

'Murica Muscle!

Lazy Sunday today. So what better way to spend it? Photographing my diecasts! Too much of JDM lately so let's balance it out with some good ol' classic American muscle ! Uncarded all 5 of these:

 I've always preferred this racing rim on JDMs but damn It looks good on this Boss 302 as well. The "Firestone" just makes it look that much better. And did I mention the amount of details on this car? It's simply amazing! Got it at a bargain. Less than Rm 6 (Original price Rm20). Got it at a sale earlier last 2 months ago (You can read it in my previous post)
 This doesn't look too bad either. Personally love the choice of colors on it. Very American!
 Now this, is also a beauty! Green metallic paint with white stripes. As American as it can get.

 Dodge Charger! With opening hood feature. That's already a bonus point for me. And the engine looks pretty detailed as well.
 The 2 tone is just prettyyyyy. The rims also compliment the entire car. Overall I'd say this die-cast is pretty well designed with the matching colors and rims.
 The boss.

 Uncarded the silver AAR Cuda today. Bought it today and complimented it with the first AAR Cuda Falken.
Drift team.

 Falken drift team!
Oreo : Hurrayy :D

Stay Tuned..

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