Monday, November 25, 2013

A little gathering of Japanese Domestics..

A little gathering today from different makes and models. Will photo-shoot an even larger crowd next time when I acquire more diorama goods :)

 Poor 620!
 Now, this is where the 620 belongs.. :)
 What's a JDM gathering without Kenmeri's or Hako's?
 Foxy ladies overlooking the gathering!
 Boxy design, best design.
 Some "newer" models to the gathering. 350z's, Evo X's, and a S2K!
 Skyline, king of JDM.
 The 620 found it's sibling! The Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon!

 The legendary RX7 Savanna in such an awesome tampo design.

 Bold yet elegant. Red rims clash against the turquoise color, making it one of a kind. Very JDM indeed!

 Quite happening!

Awkward.. Not fans of older Japanese cars I guess.

 Some Toyota's also join the gathering.
 The proud ones.

I know it's a JDM gathering but who says bosozoku's aren't allowed?
Had so much fun shooting this set of pictures. Although quality of pictures and composition could be better, I was limited in terms of lighting and the lack of a tripod. Better pictures next time peeps!

Haul update:
 The uncarded one!

The 8 Crate came out long ago but only until today I started to like it upon laying eyes on it. The wagon layout is definitely growing on me. The M3 in red is also very nice! Quite sought after too.

Stay Tuned..

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