Thursday, November 28, 2013

Haul update

Short haul update!

 Happy happy joy joy! The 2000 GT finally! 

Now I know this isn't a Hotwheels casting but man, it looks incredible. Burago 1/64 Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren. 

Of course, I uncarded it seeing that it isn't a Hotwheels casting. It does look really good don't you agree? The proportion is well done, the seam lines are also pretty fine. The stance is also good but I'm disappointed with the wheels being tucked in too much. Overall, still pretty cool. :)

Stay Tuned...

Monday, November 25, 2013

A little gathering of Japanese Domestics..

A little gathering today from different makes and models. Will photo-shoot an even larger crowd next time when I acquire more diorama goods :)

 Poor 620!
 Now, this is where the 620 belongs.. :)
 What's a JDM gathering without Kenmeri's or Hako's?
 Foxy ladies overlooking the gathering!
 Boxy design, best design.
 Some "newer" models to the gathering. 350z's, Evo X's, and a S2K!
 Skyline, king of JDM.
 The 620 found it's sibling! The Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon!

 The legendary RX7 Savanna in such an awesome tampo design.

 Bold yet elegant. Red rims clash against the turquoise color, making it one of a kind. Very JDM indeed!

 Quite happening!

Awkward.. Not fans of older Japanese cars I guess.

 Some Toyota's also join the gathering.
 The proud ones.

I know it's a JDM gathering but who says bosozoku's aren't allowed?
Had so much fun shooting this set of pictures. Although quality of pictures and composition could be better, I was limited in terms of lighting and the lack of a tripod. Better pictures next time peeps!

Haul update:
 The uncarded one!

The 8 Crate came out long ago but only until today I started to like it upon laying eyes on it. The wagon layout is definitely growing on me. The M3 in red is also very nice! Quite sought after too.

Stay Tuned..

Sunday, November 24, 2013

'Murica Muscle!

Lazy Sunday today. So what better way to spend it? Photographing my diecasts! Too much of JDM lately so let's balance it out with some good ol' classic American muscle ! Uncarded all 5 of these:

 I've always preferred this racing rim on JDMs but damn It looks good on this Boss 302 as well. The "Firestone" just makes it look that much better. And did I mention the amount of details on this car? It's simply amazing! Got it at a bargain. Less than Rm 6 (Original price Rm20). Got it at a sale earlier last 2 months ago (You can read it in my previous post)
 This doesn't look too bad either. Personally love the choice of colors on it. Very American!
 Now this, is also a beauty! Green metallic paint with white stripes. As American as it can get.

 Dodge Charger! With opening hood feature. That's already a bonus point for me. And the engine looks pretty detailed as well.
 The 2 tone is just prettyyyyy. The rims also compliment the entire car. Overall I'd say this die-cast is pretty well designed with the matching colors and rims.
 The boss.

 Uncarded the silver AAR Cuda today. Bought it today and complimented it with the first AAR Cuda Falken.
Drift team.

 Falken drift team!
Oreo : Hurrayy :D

Stay Tuned..

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Morning mail..

Love the sound of the honk from PosLaju (Courier) :) 

Best T-Hunt of 2013?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oh, I'm mad.

Mad Manga!

Uncarded my 2nd Mad Manga! I'm just in love with this casting. The bosozoku styling is insane! Plus, the color variant for this Mad Manga is the best IMO.

Today's haul!

Finally, acquired the yellow Challenger Drift Car. A popular item among collectors. I can see why. It's so detailed! The Mystery Machine is also a hot item. Any movie cars will definitely score themselves a position in any collector's wishlist. Not forgetting the awesome Mad Manga as well. I bought 3 of these and got the 4th one free. So I'd say It's a reasonable promotion :) 

Stay Tuned..

Saturday, November 16, 2013

New haul update

Welcome back guys. Just a short update on my hauls! Acquired yesterday and today! Not bad.

 Brian O' Conner!
 The iconic Skyline GT-R from 2 Fast 2 Furious
 And of course, not forgetting the orange Supra from the first ever Fast and Furious series.
 The "6 second car"

 One of the best release this year in my opinion. So cute and simple! Quite sturdy as well.

 Mad Manga ! The "Falken" tampo really does it justice.

 What's the use of keeping it in their plastic cells? Uncard the beauty!
(My 2nd Datsun 620 anyway)

Absolutely crazy casting. Why? It's so mediocre, and that's what makes it special. Only JDM enthuasiast will
appreciate such stance :)
 I'm impressed by the printing on the embossed "Datsun" word.
 The happy family! Except for Mad Manga. So grumpy.
 The old schools.
 Rarely do I take such close up shots. Feast your eyes on the details.. The chrome bumper is awesome.

Let's end the post with awesome old school Datsun/Nissan.

Stay tuned!