Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thank you, for 25,000 views

Honestly, I didn't expect much when I first started this blog, somewhere around April of 2010. It's been 3 years already, this little diary/blog/whatever you call it :) Amazingly, I just kept collecting. There was a period of time where I was inactive for 7 months. I decided to stop writing about Hotwheels, but that does not mean I have to stop collecting, right? So the funny thing is, while I continue to search for desired models, the desire to write came back to me. I wanted to track down how far I've come, and how long since I've started up this blog. To my surprise, when I checked the "PitStop" counter at the top right, It shows 25,009 visitors. 
That made me quite happy, knowing that my hobby and passion is being spread out and slowly garnering views. 25k might not mean a lot to most of you, but it sure does to me. So thank you once again everybody who has been loyal readers, or just passer-by's. It's actually thanks to you guys that I continue writing and photographing some of the best models there is to offer in Hotwheels. I'm excited to feature the "BIG ONE" in my 200th post already haha! 

Stay tuned

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