Friday, September 20, 2013

Keep the hauls coming.

I have crazy luck at times. For instance, I bought this carded Lamborghini Aventador for only Rm10 last night in a gathering. Plus, I found the Aurora Charger $uper T-Hunt that I always wanted and only for Rm10 too. Plus, the GTi in black and red was always something in my wish list as well, and only scored it for only Rm5. Enjoy the pictures! More pictures of the Charger and GTi soon..

Don't you just love the red rims on the Charger? Absolutely crazy. As for the GTi, I really love the red interior combined with the grey exterior. Really cool. :) 

I don't know what Porsche model is this, but I bought it because I find it ridiculously pretty! Plus, I can now pair it up with my other older Porsche's such as the RWB (which I love so much)

 Rare gems.
 Just for fun :) Carded $uper and uncarded $uper 599XX
Stopping for a burger.

Stay tuned.

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