Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hakosuka, in it's most beautiful form.

Finally, the Boulevard series Skyline which I've always wanted is now finally part of my collection. It is just so beautiful. First of all, it is painted in such a low profile grey, and slapped on classic JDM rims (from what I observed, it is actually Watanabe wheels!). Plus, the black hood really topped it all off and the result is just amazing. Much better looking than the first one that's released in white with green tampos.

 Isn't that awesome looking? Might take awhile before I go and uncard it. Till then, epic shots of it will be posted.. :)

Finally, two of my most wanted die-cast out of the Boulevard series is finally a reality! I'm feeling thankful.. :)

These two monstrous Japanese track cars just makes me smile everytime. Although the Porsche is a german car, it is perfected by Nakai-san 
who is famous in Japan for his RWB creations, featuring extremely wide body kits and huge spoilers. 

Till then, stay tuned!

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