Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New York, New York

A little photoshop for fun! :)

Recent haul! Such a beauty! Got it at a bargain too!
I mean just look at the seats! Details details :)

A monstrous car..
Also recently bought this at a bargain too! Thanks to a kind seller.. I have been looking everywhere for this! A Civic casting, without fancy tampos, with such a unique turquoise color, and carbon fiber parts? Sign me up. (Not to mention the rubber wheels. Pure heaven!)

Putting my tiny humans to good use.

 Oh right! My $uper haul! This S2K super is a hot item. Definitely gotta have one despite marked up price but hey, it's worth it. The Bat Tumblr? I got it a decent price as well!

Stay tuned. 

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