Thursday, July 11, 2013

Diorama 2

Hi folks, I really am having fun with the dioramas as of late. Therefore I'm taking a lot of pictures :) 




  1. Very nice collection! On top of that, are those precious $TH of Hotwheels? very nice to let them go out of the card! I mainly collect Hotwheels movie car diecast like Ecto-1, KITT, FnF, etc... and your posts makes me think if I should start with T-hunts :)

  2. Thanks Finn/Jake lol ! Yes indeed they are. However, I buy it loose from fellow collectors as I do not possess carded TH$. I only have 599xx and S2000 superized carded & uncarded :)
    Sure, why not? They're worth keeping. Years go by and the demand goes up :)