Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bentley CGT Supersports, and a Porsche Boxster.

Hello guys. I promised to post about the Bentley and Porsche in my previous posts and so i shall! First off, the Bentley CGT SS is one of my favorite Bentley cars. It's such a contradiction to the original CGT because it's meant to be comfortable, fast but not brutal, and classy. However, the guys at Bentley decided to soup up the CGT SS with ceramic brakes, carbon fiber seats, dashboard, and so on. It even packs more power now compared to it's older brother. Therefore i'm happy I hauled this bad boy. However, it does not look all that good if you were to compare the one with Matchbox's Bentley which looks absolutely stunning in champagne gold. Besides that, i also hauled a Porsche Boxster. Quite a beautiful casting especially the folding compartment on the back. I noticed the interior details and straight away hauled it. Enjoy the pictures


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