Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ferrari 288 GTO (Phil's Garage)

The Ferrari 288 GTO is one of the best looking Ferrari out there. Flat, wide, low, and aggressive. A true supercar.

For this particular diecast.. it looks ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I guess the main appeal that i actually bought this is because of the rims. It looks so good! Try to observe the mini fog lights just below the pop up lights. Insane details.

However, the back tampo wasn't exactly printed correctly so i was kinda upset. But the rims kept me satisfied. The base of the car is metal so the whole thing is kinda heavy. Not forgetting the rubber wheels! This is my first uncarded car with rubber wheels.

I love this 288 GTO's side profile. It's so damn photogenic! The yellow 288 GTO i bought from many moons ago.I also bought the black 288 GTO. Looks stunning as well!

The metal base. So much better than plastic base. The whole diecast is really heavy!

Look at the rims!! Fantastic! Most importantly, shiny.Overall, this is actually a pretty heavy diecast which is very appealing to us collectors because it feels solid and worth the price. More metal, the better.

So if you collectors out there wanna get this, i highly recommend you get it. I'm lucky i was able to still get this masterpiece.

10/10 (I can't find anything to fault this diecast)

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