Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Bugatti Veyron...

We ALL know what kind of car the Bugatti Veyron is.. First impression is definitely the grandness of it. I mean, where can you stumble upon a car that is worth 1.2 - 1.7 million POUNDS? That is huge money. Well, the Bugatti company decided to break the laws of physics and technology and decided to whip up a car called the Bugatti Veyron. Years of development, finally the Veyron can be seen on roads today. The only place you can spot a Veyron easily is perhaps Dubai. Or maybe London.

Today, i'm proud to present to you, the Hotwheels Bugatti Veyron. Matte blue with black rims with a chrome silver lining. Honestly, it may not be a very accurate casting, but i really like it. Reasons is because .. IT'S A DAMN BUGATTI VEYRON! Besides Autoart (which makes really insanely epic diecast), all i can afford for now is a Hotwheels Veyron. Rm6.50 that time only mahhh =)

The front is a bit disappointing because i believe that the front headlamps should be placed higher. The grill should positioned lower as well.

The rims with chrome stripes... i might swap it with co-mold wheels, perhaps it'll look much better.
The back however is pretty good! I especially love those HUGE panels that houses the tyres. I also like how Mattel has painted the spoiler.
The Engine.. well, plastic but it's all good.

The W16 layout engine.. 16 cylinders. You don't get that much in normal cars. With a price tag of 1.7 million pounds, it BETTER be fast.

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When night falls, it unleashes it's 1001HP ... trying to reach that Veyron benchmark speed : 407km/h

Overall rating : 7/10 (Main appeal to me is the matte blue paint)

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