Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reventon. Takara Tomy style.

Always wanted this and tonight i got it!
I have to say, i really like this sticker. Shiny and a big Lamborghini logo there "Official product" Hehe.
Would you look at that matte paint? It's bloody amazing. The proportion of this car is pretty much accurate too but it seems a bit fat from the side view no? The part near the engine.
Still though, it looks damn good for RM10.90. The paint is good, no chipped paint, perfectly detailed lights *no misalignment*, yadi yada~
Engine cover also nicely detailed with the glass layers. Also, the seam lines are nice and fine.. not too fat.

But i don't get one thing though,

Thank you "Y U NO" guy for expressing my feelings.

Well, if it isn't for the rims, i'd give this a 10/10.. but final verdict? 8/10

Money well spent.

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