Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lamborghini Estoque review

Yes, finally i've uncarded this wonderful casting from Hotwheels! I have to say, the overall casting feels and looks awesome! It's heavy of course seeing as it's quite a big Hotwheels casting compared to the One-77 (That review coming up too). First thing i noticed about the Estoque is the rims.. quite unique rims with the silver outer ring. Oh, and i also love the headlights... ultra sexy. The front splitters really do compliment the lights.. Really really epic casting i must say. Lambo fans, you know what to do.

Pictures :

One interesting detail is of course the italian stripes at the side profile.. Really nice touch to the overall grey paint.. Metallic too! My favorite.. Wonder how it'll look like under the sun.

How can i not love the front end of the car? It looks EPIC!! Just look at the headlights!
Although i wish Mattel could've printed the 'Lamborghini' stripe at the back , but it's alright i guess. The whole thing looks epic enough already :)Look at that side profile... And i only got it for Rm5.90 :P

So far i must say Hotwheels has improved their diecast quality... even the lines that forms the doors look fine. I think pretty soon Hw will be able to match with MBX huh? :)

5/5 stars :)

(I love it so much, it's on my blog banner now :3)


  1. 5/5 star? so lenient!
    i would give 4.5/5 because of rear lights not painted..hahaha :P

  2. ^hahaha i give it 5/5 because of the overall.. perhaps biased too :P