Tuesday, October 11, 2011


You better be ashamed of yourself if you do not know what a Hakosuka is (if you're a JDM fan)

The tampo on this car is absolutely stunning. Awesome color scheme too. Gives it a very retro look. Well, the car itself IS retro.
Besides the tampo, the casting is brilliant as well.. I mean, just look at those bolts on the widebody work! Even the door lines and sills are all so fine! Like i said, Mattel has improved on their castings. Well, at least the tailights are painted. The back looks complete! Now i just need to paint the front and it'll be epic!

The Hakosuka dates way back to the 1970s! A really beautiful car back then! With it's square boxy design, it was known as the "Boxy Skyline" or "Hakosuka" back in the days and Hotwheels decided to release one of these babies and damn it looks so damn good!
^Loving the details. (The NGK spark plugs tampo really stole my heart)

Despite it's pretty frame and color, i believed that a better rim could've been chosen to final production... Hmm oh well, at least it's black. The thing about this diecast is really about the little details you can find.. From the roll cage, to the NGK Spark Plugs tampo, and the wide body bolts.. The little details really make this diecast an awesome one.


- Front lights not painted,
- rim not really appropriate.

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