Monday, October 17, 2011

Aston Martin One-77

First off, just look at the amazing interior and engine.. Looks pretty epic don't you think? The Aston Martin One-77 is truly remarkable in terms of specification and design. I LOVE IT! Best of all, Mattel decided to release the One-77 so that fanboys like us can get a taste of what the real thing would look like. Oh, speaking of new release, the new Aventador will be released as well. Can't tell you how happy i am!

Woots! Look at that baby! Although i would prefer the grill to be in metal , but plastic would do it i guess. The headlamps are epic as well with the complimenting side grills. The rims are pretty okay.. FTE wheels. Overall, it's a very balanced design. Looks proportionate as well. Good color Mattel chose too; i'm sure there wlil be more color variations in the future :)
Ah, Hotwheels tradition, not painting the taillights. A custom job should do it!

Woahhhh sexy side profile! Loving the door handles too. Love little details! :)

Well, besides not painting the taillights , i really don't know what to fault this diecast. So, 9/10 ! It's very very sexy. Not a fan of Aston Martins but damn this one really caught my eye.

Speaking of which, my collection is really expanding huh? ^w^

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