Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Real Toys

Beep... beep... new hauls incoming!

Got myself a 911 Carrera S as suggested by fellow member Hotwheels V26 Hokuan! Also got myself a BMW 654i ... Check out the pics! For RM5, they are of exceptional quality. Brilliant in fact.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lamborghini Estoque

YESSS! Finally got my Estoques thanks to my friend Ken !

New roads...

The new "roads" is actually just a blank piece of black cardboard my bestie Mille bought for me X) The results are pretty good no? I'm lovin' it!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

More pictures from Toy Fair

Taken with Galaxy S2 with it's handy macro mode.. was using 50mm on the Nikon D90 so cannot get upclose. S2 saved the day!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Midvalley Toy Fair 2011 !

Hello readers... yes some of you've waited for the Midvalley Toy Fair coverage, so here it is. First thing's first, it ain't exactly a very huge event, infact to me it was pretty small the parameter. The section that appealed to me the most is the Hotwheels section.. Not being biased here, but the other gaming, anime stores really should kick it up a notch to sell their barang -__- Why HW was my favorite is because sifu Danielh_meister is there! The man who customized many many Hotwheels such as the notable Helang Evo X... Hell, even the Helang Veyron *laughs*. Truly amazing works of art he has created... My favorite that day was of course the white NSX with poppable eyes with the push of a button and the openable engine hood. You must really be there to appreciate it's beauty and effort. Truly amazing.My favorite of the day... NSX custom.
(Helang Veyron looks amazing as well.)

Of course, many people have seen this Evo X Helang online, but damn i tell you pictures don't do these cars justice. The real thing looks AMAZING. Everything from the tampo, the words, paint, everything is so aligned like it's straight from the factory... Amazing work Daniel!!

More notable works by other members and danielh_meister

The other toys that caught my eye <3 Loved the Mirai Figma.. first time see it in real life! From illustration to a Figma model.. Danny Choo rocks! Visit his web :

Nendoroids... Awesomely cute. Found a Hinagiku once, regret didn't buy.I LOVE K-ON! AS WELL!! :)

I guess that's it for the coverage, yes short like i said. The event was REALLY small.. therefore not much to cover. And this is a Hotwheels related blog, so yeah. Hope you enjoyed. If you missed this event, you really missed the chance to see the custom beauties. Ciao!