Monday, April 4, 2011


So, last week on SUNDAY, there was an event organized by Redbull if i'm not mistaken. The event features the RedBull F1, ABT Audi R8 LMS and the Audi R8 V10... 3 of these cars were doing fly bys and donuts! I cannot stress enough the fact that the F1 sounds PHENOMENAL.. i swear, when it accelerates on the straight, the sound echoes through the buildings and leaving a sweet and bitter sensation to your ears. For car enthuasiast, it's pure symphony. ENOUGH TALKING! On to the videos and pictures!

The drifts and donuts were the best! The sound of the overevving engine might hurt but it sounds GREAT! Especially the gearbox whine. You will later hear it on my next post (Videos only)

After the event, i sneaked over to Pavillion's Valet service parking area to see if there's anything for me to spot... Turns out i was more than lucky. A 599 GTB, LP640, F430, F458 , few Porsches, a Chrysler, and many more. It was a moment of joy for automotive enthusiast!

Snapping the engine is a MUST...

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Videos coming right up.

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