Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 wanted cars.

Hello guys it's animaniac92 again this time listing out some cars that i crave for in 2011. Quite a few selection of yummy cars this year. Felt pretty happy when i saw the there's a BMW E92 M3. A BMW Hotwheels.MUST GET!

Link to list of 2011 release :
Picture courtesy of Texas Hotwheels Diecast collectors
1:Lamborghini Lp570-4 Superleggera
2:Honda S2000 (Yup, and in yellow too. Pretty awesome)
3.2009 Nissan GTR GT500 (It states Skyline GT500 in the site. But it's a GT-R right? Not a Skyline?)
5.BMW E92 M3
6.Aston Martin One-77 (i have a feeling this is gonna be pretty epic)
7.Mclaren Mp4-12C (This one too)
8.Honda HSV-010 GT
9.Datsun 240z (T-hunt)
10.Mini Cooper (WEE! :D)

I'm particularly fond with Night burnerz series. My choice of Hw castings..
11.07' Shelby GT500 (Night burnerz)
12.Nissan Fairlady 350z (Night burnerz)
13.Infiniti G37 (Night burnerz)
14.Nissan Skyline (Night burnerz)
15.Enzo Ferrari (Night burnerz)
16.Honda Civic Si (Night burnerz)
17.Lamborghini Reventon (Night burnerz)
18.2009 Nissan GTR
19.Ferrari California
20.Ferrari 458 Italia
21.Silvia S15 (Thrill racer)
22.Ferrari F430 Spyder (Thrill racer)

I hope to at least get all these cars in 2011 ! Happy hunting.

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