Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not much hunting lately...

Yup.. not much cars i want lately because of the price hiking and i really don't feel like burning more cash
for cars i don't really want. Might as well save the money. Unlike last time,it was only RM4 or 5. Which is bloody cheap i must say. I'd get any random car with that price! :( But now i heard from fellow forum members that the price will increase to RM7.90. YOU GOT THAT RIGHT, 7.90!! WTF?! Come on man it's made in Malaysia. The irony? The constant update of new cars in different countries but NOT in MALAYSIA! Argh... I guess my collection is now on a HALT. Pretty sad. I love collecting HWs. But the price and the slow update rate is making me very frustrated. Till now, i can't even spot any 458 italias! Or the Skyline R34.. And it's a must have !! Grr.

Oh well, random pix!

Oh gosh, this is random and totally hw unrelated but this pic gave me the nostalgias. I remembered i have this during std 2 in primary school..
Is it me... or do i hear a VR38 DETT?Colorful~

Purchased a RocketBox (YEAH IM SO SLOW D:) last night in 7E for the lols. Since its only RM4.90, why not? It's cute too :)

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