Monday, April 12, 2010

The area around Taman Midah..

A little short post about the place i'm staying which is in Taman Midah.. It's an unexpected place to find good hauls... There are many 7-11's here,but restock at a really snail-like pace. Have to wait 3 months at LEAST. Really frustrating because seeing other member's collecting nice cars once they're out really makes me green in envy :P Then there is Tesco. Okay,this place,is like a treasure. I tell you. But have to wait longer than 3 months for restocks(Sometimes fast sometimes slow). Not too long ago,they restock old waves. But still,i'm able to find nice ones :) Like the K&N SRT8 and Furai. Not to mention the Citroen C4 Rally. But after my second trip to haul in Tesco,most of the cars there is gone. I guess i'm not the only collector in Taman Midah :(
+ I can't drive yet. Have to rely on bro :( Hoping to find more awesome hauls this month. The SuperBird looks really good. Hope to find it..maybe even impossible now.
So what are your stories? Do you drive long distances just to find hauls? :)

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