Friday, May 9, 2014

Rise of the titans

I apologize for the delays guys, have been so busy with uni life and work! Here's some pictures to make up for it :) Stay tuned. (My next update will be a BIG one) 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

El Camino $uper

Sweet, finally managed to get a loose $uper El Camino, a super t-hunt that I've wanted for a really long time. The bronze body along with the shiny golden 5 spoke is just gangster. More pictures to come! (Along with other hauls!)

Stay tuned... 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Random snippets.. (and haul!)

 I really really need this.
 A friend's custom Datsun Bluebird. Looking good in Magenta and matte 5 spoke rims.
(AE86 from Tomica, Initial D ver. Really gorgeous and highly detailed)
More pictures below:

 The pop up light on the Trueno is just... beautiful. Tomica has done an amazing job. The seam lines, the paint, the individual painted lights, everything is amazing about this casting.
 When popular cultures meet.
 (For personal use only.)
Peaceful day with JDM's.

Speaking of Tomica's, they also released a Rilakkuma.

 Rilakkuma head shaped window.
If the doors could open, it'd be perfect but hey, I'm not complaining.

Feast your eyes on some customs by Dillon & Jack.

 Totally radical blue Huayra!

 A dark red Skyline? Looks good!
 Very retro feel on this one.
 The mad one. Matte black Datsun 620 pick up! Absolutely bad ass!

Instead of "Datsun", it should be replaced with "Badass"

Stay tuned..

Monday, January 13, 2014

Mclaren F1 (Cars of the Decades)

Another lucky purchase! RM10 for this baby! Although loose, still a damn good price. A great haul to start off the year 2014.

 What a beauty!

 A high performance mean machine.
 BMW power.
 Three different shades of blue. Three different leagues of power.

Haven't edit photos like these in awhile :)

Stay Tuned!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey guys, just wishing you all a Happy New Year. Updates have been slow due to holiday plans and trips! But I promise there'll be more pictures and updates coming your way soon. In the mean time, enjoy these set of photos that I took previously.

 The treasures of my 2013 hunt.
 Fitting wheels and spectra flame color. Just awesome.
 599XX $uper Thunt. A rare addition in my collection. Super grateful that I have it. The best part? I got the carded $uper for free. Long story short, my friend claims that I'm a more serious collector, hence he gave it to me. Can't be any more grateful! Bought this uncarded version for RM25. Not a bad deal either!

 The Vantage is always a nice casting to me. So to get this loosed one at Rm5 is quite the bargain!

 Photogenic car.

 Matte black fenders & hood, exposed oil cooler, Watanabe inspired wheels, simple grey base paint and this baby just tops the list in the desired JDM list.

 I'll admit, the matte blue Veyron does not look all that good compared to the first edition but still, it's a Veyron and it is definitely worth keeping. The interior is actually quite pretty and accurate.

 Side profile ain't too shabby!

 Perhaps I should swap wheels for this baby.

 Photoshopped, of course.

 Hot damn!

 Maserati Quattroporte! A nice sedan casting and has been out for quite some time already.

My loose AE86 collection! Being a JDM fan, the AE86 is like the holy grail. 

Happy New Year, and do stay tuned guys.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Always the king.

So.. I just acquired a fantastic Mystery Pack yellow Aventador. Definitely a must have item for any Lambo collector. Enjoy the pics! More pics to come.

 Gorgeous as hell.

Stay Tuned!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Recap of hauls for past few months

The dreadful exams are finally over. So here I am again, bringing you updates!
Here are my hauls for the past months. :

 Zamac Aventador J

 My first Datsun 510 Bluebird Wagon


 My 2nd batch of Datsun Wagon and Hako'

 F&F R34, Supra, and Datsun 620

 HiWay Hauler, Ducati Diavel

 Stingray, Copo Camaro

 Challenger Drift Car, Mystery Machine, Mad Manga

 Carrera GT

 Zamac R34, Celica's

 Gorgeous T-Hunt Challenger Drift car

 AAR Cuda

 8Crate, M3

 Panamera, AE86, Alfa 8C

 El-Camino (Looking for $uper version, loose or carded)

Sweet Streets, Studebaker, EF Civic, AE86

 $uper Camaro (Nice super.)

Vanquish, Aventador (Mystery Pack), $uper Chevelle SS Wagon

And that's about it I guess. Anything left out, will update here!



 Flying Customs Kenmeri

 Datsun 620, Jetsons
 2000GT, Subaru, Mars Rover, Deloreon, Daytona, Meyers Manx

 Completed Archie Pop Culture series!

 Burago SLR McLaren (Pretty badass)

Stay Tuned..